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Pea peptide

The pea peptide is made of the highly purified and natural pea protein
as raw  material and refined by the modern biological enzymolysis technology,  
purification technology and spray drying technology. All these technologies  
ensure that kept the bioactive components completely and efficiently in pea  protein.

 Character yellow or light yellow powder
 Moisture (g/100g) Max. 7.0%
 Ash (g/100g) Max. 7.0%
 Protein ( in dry basis) (g/100g) Min. 85.0%
 Peptide content( in dry basis)(g/100g) Min. 75.0%
 Proportion of

peptides with relative molecular weight less than 222 Dal Min. 85.0%



Rice Peptide

Rice peptide is extracted from natural edible rice protein,
which was refined by modern biological engineering eomplex
enzyme gradient cutting technology.

Protein (in dry basis) ( g/100g) Min.85.0%
Polypeptide (in dry basis) (g/100g) in.80.05
Moisturee (g/100g) Max.7.0%
Ash (g/100g) Max 6.0%



Momordica Charantia Peptide

The Momordica charantia peptide with
high content and high hypoglycemic activity
were extracted from the seeds of natural Momordica
charantia saponins, polysaccharides
and so on were mostly kept.

Character Light yellow or yellow powder
Moisture (g/100g) Max. 7.0%
Protein ( in dry basis) (g/100g) Min .60.0%
Peptide content(in dry basis)(g/100g) Min. 50.0%
Proportion of peptides with relative molecular weight
less than 2000 Dal Min.80.0%
Ash (g/100g) Max. 8.0%


Corn Peptide

The corn peptide was extracted from the high quality
natural non-transgenic corn, and refined from the technology of
modern biological compound enzyme was used in the process
of three grade purification,spray drying and so on.

Character light yellow or tan powder
Protein ( in dry basis) (g/100g) Min .80.0%
Polypeptide(in dry basis)(g/100g) Min. 75.0%
A-Y alanine-tyrosine (g/100g) Min.0.6%
Proportion of peptides relative molecular mass less than 1000 Dal Min.90.0%
Moisture (g/100g) Max. 7.0%
Ash (g/100g) Max. 7.0%


Walnut Peptide

Walnut peptide takes the walnut dregs as its raw material,
which through oil, enzyme solution process for the preparation
of high protein and peptide content of nutrients.

Protein ( in dry basis) (g/100g) Min .85.0%
Polypeptide(in dry basis)(g/100g) Min. 90.0%
The distribution of relative molecular mass bellowing 2000 Dal g/100g Min.80.0%
Moisture (g/100g) Max. 7.0%
Ash (g/100g) Max. 8.0%



Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish collagen peptides have very specific amino acid compositions
with a high concentration of glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline.
When fish collagen is ingested, hydroxyproline peptides are
not completely digested to free amino acids and can be detected
in the blood. These hydroxyproline peptides stimulate cells
in the skin, joints, and bones, and lead to collagen synthesis
through cell activation and growth.

Total nitrogen(in dry basis) Min 15%
Moisture (g/100g ) Max. 5.0%
Ash (g/100g) Max. 5.0%
Polypeptide(in dry basis)(g/100g) Min. 87.0%
Hydroxyproline Min.6%


Soybean Peptide

Soybean peptide derived from non-genetically isolated soy protein,
which refined from enzyme gradient directional by means of modern
Bio-engineering technology: membrane separation, purification,
instantaneous sterilization, spray drying.

Crude protein/dry Nx6.25 Min.90.0%
Polypeptide /dry Min. 80.0%
Ash/dry Max. 6.5%
Water content Max. 7.0 %
Crude fat/dry Max.1.0%
Color White to yellow


Wheat Peptide

The wheat peptide is extracted from natural wheat protein
with rich wheat protein gluten meal as raw material which
refined from gradient composite enzyme cutting, multistage
separation purification, and spray drying technology.

Protein ( in dry basis) (g/100g) Min .90.0%
Polypeptide(in dry basis)(g/100g) Min. 60.0%
Total glutamic acid (g/100g) Min. 25.0%
Proportion of peptides with relative molecular weight less than 1000 Dal Min.85.0%
Moisture (g/100g) Max. 7.0%
Ash (g/100g) Max. 7.0%



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