리 포 좀 비 타 민 C





리포좀 비타민 C


리포솜 비타민 C는 면역 및 해독 지원을 위한 필수 비타민 c 원료입니다.

리포솜 형태의 비타민 C 전달은 소화관에서의 일반적인 흡수 제한을 우회하여,

빠른 섭취와 효과를 위해 세포에 직접 전달합니다.

Lipopsomal은 미세한 지방과 같은 입자(인지질 이중층이라고 함)

내부에 활성 성분을 포함하는 일종의 영양보충제를 말합니다.

이 형태는 일반적으로 인체가 흡수하기 쉽고 더 많은 영양보충제가

인체의 특정 세포 또는 영역에 도달할 수 있도록 합니다.




Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is an essential vitamin that is well known for its effects on the immune system. Ascorbic acid is naturally sour and is commonly used in candy to add a sour taste. When it is ingested, it goes to work circulating through all of the watery areas of the human body (once it has been absorbed into the intestines, of course). From there, ascorbic acid may help in the fortification of collagen while acting as an antioxidant during the trip. It may also assist in the repair of damaged tissue and in helping to maintain healthy levels of collagen in already healthy individuals. Vitamin C also has a host of other general uses



Function :

Vitamin C is widely used in many fields such as food , beverage, breeding and forage additives. Its main functions reflected

in following 5 aspects:

1)Keep food, fruits and beverage fresh and prevent them from producing unpleasant smell.

2)Prevent formation of ni-trous from ni-trous acid in meat products.

3)Improve dough quality and make baked food expand to its maximum.

4)Compensate the Vitamin C losses of beverage,fruits and vegetables

during processing procedures.

5)Used as nutritional element in additives,Feed additives.



Application :


1) L-Vitamin C inhibits tyrosinase and reduces melanin, and diminishes the formed spots to inhibit melanin formation.
2) Promote collagen synthesis to reduce fine lines.
3) L-Vitamin C can effectively neutralize free radicals, improve skin texture, restore damaged skin, and make skin firm and elastic.
4) Promote skin metabolism and accelerate skin rejuvenation.

2. Health care

Vitamin C is mainly used for the prevention or treatment of scurvy in health, as well as for diseases such as
dental caries,gingival abscess, anemia, and growth and development caused by anti-hyperacid deficiency.

3. Food additives

Vitamin C can be used for sandwich hard candy, and the amount used is 2000-6000mg/kg;

The amount of use in high-iron cereals and their products is 800-1000 mg/kg;

The amount used in infant food is 300-500 mg/kg;

The amount used in canned fruit is 200-400 mg/kg;

The amount used in drinks and milk drinks is 120-240






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